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            Customer first keep improving

            ABOUT US

            Lead the trend with technology Boost the future with quality

            • LingBo is a company specializing
              in the field of electric vehicles,
              A high-tech company with overall
              solutions for electronic control systems

            • People Oriented Courage
              to innovate Keep improving

            • As a star high-tech company,
              LingBo has many intellectual
              property rights and patents

            • Pragmatic and innovative service
              spirit Professional and high-quality
              service team, Quick service response
              Insightful service consciousness


            Introduction to Embedded CAN Bus (low-level details)

            1 IntroductionThe CAN bus was developed by the German BOSCH company, and the maximum rate can reach 1Mbps. CAN's fault tolerance is particularly s


            The birth of the Chinese electric bicycle champion: surpass Yadi and Emma to become the industry "Tesla"

            China has become a country on wheels, and high-speed rail, automobiles, and light electric vehicles have become the main means of transportation for C


            May 18, 2020 Nanjing new factory opened

            On May 18, 2020, the new Nanjing factory with an investment of 50 million yuan was grandly opened. This modern new factory with an area of more than 7


            The new national standard for electric motorcycles and electric light motorcycles will be officially implemented on January 1, 2021

             "New Energy Trends" public account report: Starting from January 1, 2021, the GB 24155-2020 "Safety Requirements for Electric Motorcycles and El